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The Advantages of Private Labelling for Tissue Packaging in Pakistan

In recent years, we have witnessed a boom in Pakistan’s private labelling market for tissue packaging. Businesses have adopted private label packaging to gain a competitive edge and expand their manufacturing domains to compete with their counterparts.

In the following article, we will explore the multiple advantages that the market of private labelling of tissue packaging offers.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the most pivotal part of any business that aids in establishing its unique selling point (USP) as it shapes a distinct perception in the eyes of its consumers. It creates:

Recognition: a meticulously designed private label can make the customers more likely to notice and purchase it as it stands out from the rest, subsequently generating more sales in the future.

Trust and loyalty: a business with a long-standing reputation and loyalty already established in the market could benefit from private labelling due to the Halo effect. The Halo effect refers to the psychological phenomena due to a consumer’s optimistic perception of a brand. The product’s quality will be as excellent as its packaging. This favourable perception leads to long-term trust and loyalty, making customers regularly buy the product.

Consistency: Maintaining consistency in the range of products offered by a brand’s private labelling domain is critical to keeping up with the positive perception their consumers believe in. 


The business landscape has gradually evolved from a product-centric approach to a consumer-centric one, which means businesses are switching from traditional one-size-fits-all products to customisable products tailored to individual consumer preferences.

A way of achieving this is via E-commerce and Online Shopping. It has changed the dynamics of consumer buying behaviours, and businesses have had to modify their ways of marketing their products and services. They had to develop user-friendly websites and mobile applications that give numerous options such as design your own, virtual try-ons, dynamic pricing, customised product bundles and much more—a very convenient way to order privately labelled tissue boxes from the comfort of their homes.

It is important to note that Customisation is an investment that is not just visually appealing but a potent tool for shaping brand identity that results in attracting and retaining customers in a continuously evolving market.

Control over pricing

A monopoly over pricing is one of the perks of the private labelling industry. This control allows private labellers to set their pricing at competitive prices, subverting national brands. This results in attracting their customers towards the privately labelled goods. However, they must maintain an equilibrium between offering affordability and maintaining their profit margins.

Increased Profit Margins

Numerous factors contribute to the increase in profit margins of privately labelled tissue boxes. Those factors are bulk buying, lower manufacturing costs, lineal packaging designs, marketing, brand licensing fees not needing to be paid, direct distribution, and minimal Research and development costs. By effectively managing these factors, privately labelled tissue box brands can increase their profit margins while providing competitive pricing to consumers.


Another key advantage of the private labelling industry is that it can offer exclusive products. It is vital in attracting new customers that will lead to long-term relationships, i.e., loyalty and trust build-up. This exclusivity can give the private tissue labelling company a competitive edge among the competitors in this market.

Consumer trust

As branded products are typically viewed to be of higher quality, they can use this perception to their advantage by engaging in the private labelling domain. This way, their positive reputation will also automatically get imprinted in that domain. The customers will more likely buy and even make repeat purchases. To summarise, the already established brand’s rapport anchors the growth of their private labelling ventures. Hense points out the significance of consumer trust and loyalty to the brand.


To conclude, the private labelling industry in Pakistan offers businesses room for growth. However, they should be cautious of their responsibilities, such as quality control, marketing, and band management, to ensure their long-term existence and growth. By doing a detailed cost-benefit analysis, businesses in Pakistan can attain long-term success in Pakistan’s ever-expanding privately labelled tissue packaging industry.




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